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I’m raising a couple of techno geniuses….I hope!

Actually I think they take after their father, wouldn’t you say? This was the scene last night in our kitchen while I prepared dinner. Two tablets, one iPhone, lots of games. 

I have not been able to determine whether or nor not I think playing games on the iPad and iPhone is helpful or harmful for the kids. My husband and I vacillate on this. We are techno addicts ourselves and the apple never falls far from the tree….

Our son loves playing on the tablet. Some of the games seem really educational and fun, like puzzle games, search and find games, etc. while others, his fighter jet game for instance, are pure arcade style with little redeeming value. Add to that the fact that my son could literally spend hours playing and I find myself in a quandary, how much is too much?  

I admit, I can get so much done around the house while he happily entertains himself with the iPad. Is this any different than if he spent a couple hours playing with toys in his room? It’s certainly better than passive television but I can’t help but worry it is too addicting for a 4 year old. And my 2 year old daughter clearly is not far behind. She currently loves a dress the princess game on the iPhone. 

So I’m on the fence right now, to game or not to game? I know I need to set limits; I also know I need to enforce those limits even though it would be easier for me to let him play all day. But I do believe that there is some redeeming value to my kids growing up with these devices. I can only imagine what the future will be like when they are my age and iPads and iPhones are ancient history. I can take a tiny bit of comfort in the fact that they will certainly be well prepared, my son can maneuver around a tablet faster than I can figure out where look for something, but have they lost something in the process?

And so I pose the question to you, is the iPad/iPhone helpful, harmful, or a little of both?

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